Sessions with Judith

Private Channeling Session with “US”. Experience the loving, empowering words and activations as related to your own personal situations and questions.   CLICK TO BOOK A PRIVATE SESSION WITH JUDITH .


Based on my own life experiences and seeking, I have a wealth of knowledge and resources to share with people who are exploring their own spirituality. Spiritual Mentoring combines aspects of all the training I have had in many energetic modalities, and includes Divine guidance that is intended for those seeking greater spiritual awareness.   CLICK TO BOOK A PRIVATE SESSION WITH JUDITH .

Personal Consultations

In my private sessions I tune into your energy field to help shift your vibration so you can harmonized more fully with the new energy available to us on the planet. Consultations are beneficial to anyone who wants to:

  • Relieve stress and tension in their body
  • Move out of being “stuck”
  • Have more clarity of mind and purpose
  • Feel inner peace and a sense of personal harmony
  • Have a deeper connection with Self and Divinity

Each session begins with discussion/sharing/inquiry that facilitates an awareness of core beliefs and energy that have a powerful impact on your thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions, thus allowing discordant energies created in your mind to be shifted and cleared from the cellular memory of the body.   CLICK TO BOOK A PRIVATE SESSION WITH JUDITH .

Quantum physics has revealed that we consist of patterns of energy and that the quality of our lives is linked to the quality of our energetic systems. Keeping your energy field clear and balanced is the surest way of creating healthy minds and bodies. 

Energy Harmony Alignment (EHA)

EHA is a new and very exciting form of energy work that harmonizes the body to it’s own unique Divine frequency. When these frequencies are activated synchronously, the resulting harmonic from within converges the energies of heaven and earth at a particular point (the Golden Heart) in the physical body.  You will experience  a sense of  internal “lightness” that you may not have ever had access to before.